Jason, Barbie and Alex



On Saturday, my sister, cousin Mina and I took Logan and Alex over to the Lewiston Mall to see Santa. There was only one little girl in line when we got there and she did not want to go near him. Her mother was trying to get her to stand beside Santa, but she flat out refused, so Alex waltzed up and cut in front of her! He went up to him and took a candy cane before I could pull him away. The little girls' mother tried one more time, but she started crying. Then it was officially Alex's turn. He ran back to Santa and jumped right into his lap and talked with him about how much he liked cars. Santa was not in the best of moods, I think he was bored, but he was a good sport and held Logan for a picture too.



This morning while I was having breakfast, Alex put this on the table next to me.When I asked him what it was he said, "Flowers for Momma!" It is a dustpan in a cup, good imagination though. When I thanked him and told him they were beautiful he said,"Alex loooves Momma!" It made my day : )


Fall Update

We have been really busy and I am halfway through a new knitting project so the poor blog has been neglected. I thought I'd do a fall recap to catch things up and since I started this before we went to Florida, there will be another big catch up post coming. We have been spending a lot of time with Logan who is 4 months old now. Alex loves his newest cousin and wanted to bring him home at first but soon decided that he doesn't want one like him at our house. Not ready for a sibling yet! He likes to share his toys with Logan, but gets frustrated when he can't play with him. He is very gentle with him and loves to give him hugs and kisses. I signed Alex and I up for the Parents and 2's swim class at the YMCA. He was way too fearless and adventurous for my liking around Jason's parents pool this summer so I thought it would be a good idea. It was a 6 week course teaching the basics with the parents getting in the pool to help the kids. They learned to reach with their arms, kick their feet, how to spit water out, to float on their backs (not a popular one with any of the kids), use personal flotation devices, getting in and out of the pool without using the steps or ladders all while singing nursery rhymes. It was a lot of fun and by the end of the 6 weeks Alex could swim with a float the entire length of the pool. Jason and his parents took Alex apple picking the 1st weekend in October. I didn't go because the next weekend I took him, my siblings, Logan and my friend Debbi to Wallingford Orchards. We had so much fun. They have an old tractor that the kids can play on and Alex thought he should get to sit on it for as long as he wanted and kept trying to break away from us to get to it. We distracted him with the promise of fresh donuts when we were done picking, it worked. Since we already had several pounds of apples at home, I let Alex pick what he wanted adding a few here and there. He was very serious and specific about what went into the bag going from tree to tree carefully inspecting the fruit. When the bag was full, we checked out and found 50 or 60 people waiting in a very slow moving line for the donuts. We were all tired and Alex wanted to be any where but that line so we got cider and fudge instead. Jason laughed at our haul when we got home. This season yielded the biggest apples in years and every one Alex had picked were no bigger than his fist! Pulling the wagon with Uncle BrianChoosing the "perfect" pumpkinCruising with Momma in the car listening to his favorite song, Party in the USA, by Miley Cyrus. Jason very thoughtfully burned Alex a CD for the car but we only seem to listen to track #9. I hear many requests for "more SA please!!", especially if the song is on the radio first, then we have to listen to the CD. The sunglasses don't slip on his face if he wears them upside down and please excuse the cough at the end of the video.


Happy Halloween!


Happy @%^&$ Birthday to meeeeeeee!!!1!

What a crappy start to my birthday.
Yes, I know, I haven’t written anything for awhile, but I’ve been busy. Besides, as you will soon see, there is a line to mess with me today, and you’ll just have to wait your turn.

I think the universe has decided to forgo the whole treat part of Halloween, and default to trick.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of my morning:

6:10 – Get up
6:20 – Shower
6:45- Out the door. Oh crap, Barbie’s tire is flat. Hopefully I won’t be late to work. I’ll just stick Gizmo in the car, and fix the tire.
6:55 – Tire fixed. Off to drop Gizmo off… What is that smell?
6:56 – Left badge at home. Turn around.
7:01 – Ok, got the badge. Damn, why does my car smell?
7:10 – As I am leaving Dad’s, I find out the smell is dog puke. On my seat. And now on my pants.
7:10:03 – “GIZMO, %#&$*@)$@$!!!!!”
7:20 - Return home to change
7:25 – Barbie calls. She called home after calling my cell phone, but it turns out I left it at dads.
7:30 Leave for work. Oh, I need Gas.
7:40 leaving gas station, I get flipped off by a guy who was in far too much of a hurry to get gas.
7:41 Car sounds awful
7:44 Car sounds like it’s going to die.
7:45 Turn around as car sounds like the passenger side wheel is going to burst into flames, head to Dad’s
7:55 First break of the morning – I caught dad just as he was leaving.
8:00 contacted Discount Auto, they can take my car today.
8:15 Drop off Grand am
8:30 Get Vette from garage.
8:31 Lose garage ticket.
8:33 find garage ticket
8:35 Heading to work.
9:05 Get to work. Just as I thought I was home clear, car alarm goes off.
9:10 call dad to discover what voodoo I would need to shut the damn thing off.
9:12 Enter the building. As I do, I notice a woman walking behind me, and trying to rack up some karma, I hold the door open.
9:12:30 That’s no woman, that’s a man baby!
9:15 At desk.

So As you can see, the Universe feels I should be nicer to orphans or something. Or maybe it’s because I gave money to a sex offender.
(see the sun journal’s website for more info)


That kind of day

Thursday was one of those days that every thing was off. I forgot my lunch, one tire had a slow leak and needed air, I kept logging out of my computer at work and screwing up the program. I would say 4 months when I meant six and made several appointments wrong. A patient named Barbara needed follow up and I wrote my last name instead of hers twice on the appointment card. Then I went to pick up Alex. I pulled up in front of daycare and hit the flag on the plastic crossing guard guy, just like this one. I thought, no big deal it was just the flag and kept going. Then I heard, thumpa thumpa boom bang. The little guy had fallen over and I had run over the front support and squashed it. I jumped out of the car and quickly stood him back up, he looked alright and could still stand. Alex's teacher was just coming out of the building and saw the whole thing. I was so embarrassed. She was laughing and told me it was ok, just to let the director know. Oh and by the way, Alex had a terrible day. He had 3 timeouts for forcibly taking toys from other kids. He was also sent to the office, the ultimate punishment, for pushing "friends" down and then jumping on them. Maybe he's been watching football too closely? When we got into the car to leave I told Alex that it made me very sad when he misbehaved at school. He looked at me, spread his arms out and said, "Ohhhh no, hugs, kisses, mumma feel better!" I did.


What a difference a year makes!

I learned how to knit just about a year ago and I have been working feverishly on a blankie for my nephew Logan for the last 6 months. This why I haven't been posting. Below is my "premier piece" from a year ago. I started out with 20 stitches and somehow ended up with almost 50. Don't ask, I still don't know how I did that! One of the girls I work with had a baby in March and the rest of us knitted squares to sew together for a blankie. Then I knitted several scarfs and a few hats and decided to try something bigger and more challenging. I bought a book that has patterns of different knitted blocks and picked out some for beginners. There were times that I would get stuck on a pattern and put the whole thing a way for several weeks. I never thought I would finish it. It is made up of 36, 8x8 squares and each color has a different pattern. I was going to knit the border too, but didn't like any of the ones I tried. I bought satin blanket binding, but decided that it made it way too babyish. I know he's a baby now, but I want him to like it when he's older too. So, I learned how to crochet and that by far was the best choice. It is DONE!